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Camp Excel is the single best thing I have ever done for my child!

Thanks for all that you do at Camp Excel!  In my six years with you, this is the best year ever! I want to thank everyone for their hard work and efforts to help the children with their social and emotional issues.  The staff has always been professional but also very friendly and almost like we are all family. I think that is why my daughter has done so well every year.  Everyone at Camp Excel is family!

My son has attended Camp Excel’s summer program and the Saturday program for 6 years. The program and staff do an amazing job with these extraordinary kids. Finding a program like Camp Excel has made a huge impact not only for my son but for our family. Thank you to all the Camp Excel staff for all you have done and continue to do.

Our son was diagnosed as on the spectrum 4 years ago. At that time, we were really struggling with finding summer activities for him that integrated fun activities with scholastic and behavioral therapies. We stumbled upon Camp Excel and couldn’t be happier. Our son has flourished at Excel. He has made so many new friends and has developed self-confidence that didn’t exist prior. The counselors are second to none and have been incredibly easy to work with. They have our family’s best interest at heart and I would highly recommend this team to anyone going through the same challenges we had.

Our children have been attending Camp Excel (summer camp, teen travel camp and weekend camp) for years. The overall experience has been fantastic, emotionally, educationally and as a great way to spend the summer. The staff is qualified and kind, the facilities top notch and the programs among the best of their kind.

Our son has attended Camp Excel the past two years. Perhaps the biggest compliment we could give is that when he returned to school after the first year, his teachers immediately noticed a huge growth in his social skills. He has developed positive relationships with both the staff and his peers. The administrative staff works hand in hand with parents to assure your child achieves success. I cannot say enough about this program.

Our son has been attending Camp Excel for the past 6 years. He attends year round as he is involved in both the Saturday and summer program. Our son has an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. The spectrum is a challenging diagnosis. Services through school were great. However, more was needed. The Extended School Year program through the school was not appropriate – children of all type of special needs mixed together. Some children were verbal, some were not, and some were aggressive. Regular summer camps/programs could not even be considered as they do not have the appropriate staff to work with a child like mine. We found Camp Excel when our son was 7. It was an incredible feeling knowing we had finally found the correct placement for him. Staff consists of teachers, licensed/credentialed professionals. Through the program, our son has made lasting friendships, he is continually working on his social skills, and the classroom piece helps to ensure he does not regress during summer. As our son has been there for several years, staff has often commented to us how our child has matured over the years. Situations that would have caused a meltdown when he was younger, he is now able to work through. I can’t say enough positive things about Camp Excel, their programs and staff. How do you thank someone for giving your child the tools needed to succeed for life?

Our son attended Camp Excel Summer programs for several years. He attended the Saturday program and also their Teen Travel program. Camp Excel provides fun and interesting programs for the attendees. The counselors are terrific and show compassion and concern for the kids they work with. Our son made friends with a number of other campers and they socialize still-celebrating birthdays and seeing movie together. We are grateful for these opportunities which resulted from his attendance at Camp Excel.

My grandson has attended Camp Excel for 8 years and enjoys every minute of it. He has developed a strong connection with all the counselors. It has definitely helped him grow socially and emotionally. He loves the activities and trips they plan. I don’t know what he would do all these summer days if Camp Excel didn’t exist.

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