Who We Serve With Social Skills Challenges

Children, ages 5-17, and Young Adults, ages 18-26, attending Camp Excel Programs are supported with their social skills challenges. They have mild special needsChildren and Young Adults attending Camp Excel are supported with their social skills challenges and often have been diagnosed with ADHD, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Social Communication Disorder, Tourette’s, Auditory Processing DisorderLearning Disabilities, and other childhood or young adult diagnoses.

The criteria for those attending Camp Excel are that they be high functioning, they do not have significant cognitive delays, and they do not have aggressive or significant behavioral challenges.

Evaluation, Social Skills Challenges

Each child or young adult will meet with our Director, Kathleen Cable, Licensed Professional Counselor, for an evaluation of any challenges with social skills they may have. From this meeting, the information provided by a parent, and the IEP, we will determine what your child’s needs are and if your child will benefit from the Camp Excel Programs.

Camps And Programs

In 2003, Director Cable, with her extensive experience, was inspired to develop Camp Excel, a specialized summer program that would meet the social, academic, and recreational needs of children with these social skills challenges. Understanding the need for reinforcement of the social skills learned during the summer program and to continue the success at Camp Excel, Social Skill Groups are also offered throughout the school year.

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